Friday, September 27, 2013

All About Color 2013

For this picture, I opened up a packet of glitter, and scattered it on a glass surface. I like the fact that it               shows some glitter in focus, and some not in focus; it gives it that shiny kind of look. 
For this picture, I was trying to get the freeze action with water, so I turned on running water hoping I could get enough detail in the water to make it seem like it was still. Turns out it didn't work as well as I planned, but this picture was cool after I tweaked it a little bit in Lightroom.
I was on my way home from school and I saw this fence with a sign on it, and I thought if I got that perfect angle it could be a really nice picture. It gives you that sense of depth in the picture and it shows a lot of detail in both the sign and in the fence itself.
In this picture, I just was coloring with my little sister, and I thought if I lined the crayons next to each other and focus in on only the Crayola lettering, it would make it seem cool.

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