Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HDR Assignment

 This picture was taken at the Del Mar Fair when me and my boyfriend were standing in line for this ride, I thought it would be a cool picture to take looking up at the top. I used HDR to make this photo look more colorful and sharper looking.
 I was walking home from school, and found this patch of flowers and thought it would be a simple and cool picture. Originally the flowers were not as white and purple but in Photoshop I sued a HDR image adjuster to make the colors pop and look surrealistic. 
 I was coloring with my sister and set up the crayons like this and got eye level to take the picture. I put the rest of the crayons in the background out of focus to give it a little sense of depth and that there's more crayons there. HDR in photoshop really made this picture pop.

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